Mat Club

Scappoose Mat Club


2023-2024 Season

Practice Schedule

Practice attire is athletic shorts, t-shirt, and wrestling shoes.  

Monday and Wednesday  

6-12 Years (1st to 6th Grade) 6:00 – 8:00 PM 


Tiny Tots (5 and under) 6:00 – 6:45 PM

Advanced 6:45-8:00 PM


Advanced/Additional technique and drilling, the schedule will be set on a weekly basis.

**The schedule can be changed based on overall turnout.

Practice Room

We will use the high school wrestling room for all of our practices.  Our room has terrible acoustics, so we will not have the ability for other kids to play or make much noise on the sidelines in the room.  Please help us instruct the young wrestlers by helping us police this during practice.

USA Wrestling Membership & Registration Fee

A USA Wrestling Card must be purchased to compete in the weekend tournaments and be a part of the club.  

Please provide a copy of your athletes USA wrestling card.


Club Membership

Cost: $60.00

Includes: Team T-Shirt / Shorts and Team Membership

USA Wrestling Card
Includes: Entry to many free/paid weekend competitions and liability insurance.

Purchase directly from USA Wrestling website.

USA Wrestling:


We will have many opportunities to attend matches on the weekends.  We highly recommend it, we have a lot of fun and it gives the kids an opportunity to try moves they have learned against kids in a real situation.  We will ask that the entire team attends a few set matches during the season. Most matches are in the Portland metro area and are free to enter as we are a member of the Metro league. These require the USA Wrestling membership.  The kids that progress in skills will attend some additional tournaments during the season.


We will provide Email updates at the start of each week for parents.  In addition, we will post these updates on our facebook page. (Scappoose Wrestling)


Kids will be expected to attend a majority of practices.  The techniques that are taught build off of each other week to week, missing practice puts the kids behind.  This does not mean that we don’t know part of the season is during the holidays.  Parents should check in with the Coaches to let them know of any upcoming absences.

High School Duals

For all home high school wrestling matches, we will all attend wearing our T-shirts and sit together as a team in the stands.  We will also have some fun games for the kids during the dual meets.  We will do a special event on TBD. 


We will have one fundraiser (Raffle) towards the beginning of the season that will benefit the kids club.  Our goal in the future is to have enough money to subsidize memberships and allow all kids to have gear packages and fund the ability to travel to tournaments.  We will also be hosting a poker tournament/wrestling social date and time TBD.

Powerbars for Hardworkers


Have Fun

Develop Basic Athletic Skills and Balance

Learn Good Work Ethic

Build Camaraderie

Learn Scappoose Specific Techniques

Inherent Risks

Wrestling has some inherent risks; we try our best to train in a safe environment.  We will do our best to keep coaches in the room that are First Aid and CPR certified.